Magic in the Making

NO INK launches a world class tattoo removal clinic with a twist.


“A clinic is a haven for ingenuity, technical prowess and creative explorations.”

NO INK is proud to announce its brand new Adelaide based clinic which offers a beautifully relaxed and inspiring space. The overall aesthetic needed to be raw and natural with an industrial urban feel, using natural materials like timber, seagrass and greenery to soften the look. NO INK then introduced to a dusk-twilight colour palette that provides a distinctive and inviting ambience to the space. Our aim is to break away from the cliché sterile clinical space that is cold and uninviting. The dark naturalist look complements our natural, eco-friendly business. On entry to the clinic the lush green Scandinavian grass wall not only looks stunning, but gives an environmentally friendly aspect by purifying the air and acting as a sound buffer. Minimalism in the clinic design works on the principle that less is more. The clinic look is stripped down to essential elements and the empty space is left to make a design statement. We are so excited for you to come visit a one of a kind space for your tattoo removal services.

sara mccarthy