A Proud Purpose

NO INK Tattoo Removal Clinic Vision & Values.


“NO INK has a philosophy to connect people and create unity between tattoo artists and technicians; And, for that relationship to become a benchmark for others to follow.”

NO INK are a value add company designed to coexist alongside cosmetic and tattoo artists within metropolitan Adelaide. We are proud that our unique proprietary model makes small, local business feel supported, empowered and ready to take on their day. NO INK is committed to keeping forefront of the industry with its innovative ideas and community focused outcomes. NO INK instilled the spirit of generosity to nurture small business in the community through its one of a kind affiliate program. Working closely with small, local businesses in South Australia is all about forging a prosperous future for our State.

“We’re aiming to build a national organisation that will be remembered for its positive impact on the tattoo industry & its people. Because behind it all, tattoo artists just want to feel embraced, respected and trusted.”

At NO INK we are still tattoo enthusiast who provide clients and their Tattoo Artists effective fading and removal solutions. Our ambition is a future where we are the tattoo removal cosmetic clinic of choice. Our core business is instilled with values of integrity to animals and the environment. To live out this promise, NO INK continues to institute sustainable and ethically sourced products that are 100% vegan and free from animal testing, where possible. We check the credentials of every product we stock and have a focus on sourcing products that are environmentally friendly and made by small, local businesses. Keeping our products ethically sourced is just one of many steps we take to embrace change within the tattoo industry, stay innovative, established and trustworthy.

sara mccarthy