Safe Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Wake up without permanent make up!


“Permanent makeup has been a big trend for a while now but it can go terribly wrong.”

There is no denying the beauty world is obsessed with brows and there are now many solutions to choose from when selecting the right tattoo.With the evolution of Microblading, Nanobrows and Powderbrow techniques, eyebrows tattoo continues to be a popular cosmetic treatment. But as the rise of popularity of cosmetic tattoo continues to grow, so has poor quality outcomes; notall cosmetic procedures result in the look that we want. Particularly with tattoos, the result can fade, and the colour can change over time or migrate to different areas. Cosmetic tattoo is also an unregulated industry in Australia and too often underqualified artists are operating resulting in unhappy clients. 

The million dollar question... "Can my cosmetic tattoo be removed?".  

Whatever the reason for removal, NO INK are able to remove the old pigment in a safe and effective manner. Cosmetic tattooing is different to traditional tattooing in that the pigment usually isn’t injected as deep which helps achieve faster clearance. In most cases it’s quicker to remove eyebrow or other cosmetic tattoos than traditional tattoos. However, due to the complexity of cosmetic pigments and their properties, it’s difficult to know exactly which colours and heavy metals are being treated during the removal process. If the wrong tattoo laser is used during treatment, there is a risk of your eyebrow tattoos going darker or changing colour. The good news is, NO INK are the only dedicated tattoo removal clinic that adopt both laser and non-laser removal techniques to treat all kinds of cosmetic ink.

What are my options for cosmetic tattoo removal?”

Laser is the most common and effective way to remove cosmetic tattoo pigment. However there are a few reasons why laser should be avoided. Most clients are unaware the treated area must be shaved to avoid burning and potential damage of the hair. Shaving an eyebrow may simply not be an option and using an alternate form of removal in this case is purely the clients decision. If you have had corrective skin colour tattooed previously to conceal a bad tattoo the laser light will be reflected and unable to target the unwanted pigment. In this case the only option is non-laser alternatives. Finally, there are some areas on the body which are simply no-go zones with the laser. Soft tissues such as lips and nipple are too delicate and eyelids pose too much of a risk with retina damage. NO INK will assess each cosmetic tattoo individually to determine the more safe and effective tattoo removal.

sara mccarthy