Knowledge is Power

The scary facts about class 4 laser regulation in Australia.


“Don’t be afraid to ask your technician to see their QRH laser licence before you commit to tattoo removal.”

In South Australia there is currently no regulation for the use of Class 4 medical grade lasers. This means that virtually anyone can pick up a laser without any formal training. Scary hey? Whilst not required in SA (YET!!) NO INK requires all technicians to undergo the highest level of regulated training to Queensland’s Radiation Health standards; the highest level of training available outside of a being medical practitioner. This makes NO INK one of the few tattoo removal companies in South Australia, a government licensed and a certified laser practice.

“Did you know laser tattoo removal performed by beauty clinics and medical practitioners make up less than 1% of their overall work?”

Just because you have seen a high profile beauty clinic advertising tattoo removal or been advised that your regular doctor does tattoo removal, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making the right choice. Clinics that offer tattoo removal among 100’s of other services means that their knowledge and skill level may be basic. With such a narrow mission, NO INK is focused on being the best at what we do. Tattoo removal is our core business not a sub-service which means we are continually refining our skills and updating our industry knowledge for the best client results. NO INK also have undergone training in tattoo fundamentals so we can speak the same language as tattoo artist and understand common goals.

“Not all Class 4 Lasers are built the same, to avoid permanent damage to your skin, ask your laser technician some simple question.”

One of the scariest times I can remember whilst setting up business was the day I Googled “Buy best Q-Switch Laser in Australia”. I was flooded with 1000 of machines from overseas websites offering “top grade” (I think not) lasers for less than my last electricity bill. There were also many cheap, old, used, unidentified lasers available locally on Gumtree - Most probably trying to be sold off by previous uneducated buyers. Today was the day I realised how unregulated South Australia is and I was left angry wondering how this can happen in today’s market. Before your select the cheapest salon, remember the risks involved. Ask your technician what kind of laser they use and do your research. Ensure the laser is TGA approved, comes from an Australian supplier and is less than 10 years old.

sara mccarthy