Patience is a virtue

Why Tattoo cover ups don’t always work


“Not all tattoo artists have the skills or experience to effectively cover a tattoo”

One of the most difficult things for a tattooist to master is cover ups. There are several factors that dramatically influence how good or bad a tattoo cover up will be. The skill and experience of the tattoo artist is paramount. Without a strong creative sense and a thorough understanding of the way tattoo pigments age in the skin, there is a good chance when the old tattoo will show through over time. Today’s style of tattoo is much finer, more realistic and far more colorful than some of the outdated solid, black tattoos making it impossible to cover without applying to heavily. Whilst an experienced tattooist will try to avoid the new tattoo looking like a mass of poorly-designed ink, the results will never be as good as a freshly designed tattoo.  

“Laser Tattoo removal can give you more flexibility than you thought”

  • Removal will allow you choice of size, position and shape of your new tattoo.

  • Fading will allow the new tattoo to be brighter and more colourful.

  • Removal will allow an intricate design where skin can be kept clear in some areas.

  • Fading will prevent the density and contrast of the new tattoo being to heavy. 

  • Removal allows you to entirely select different position without having to consider covering the original.

  • Fading will potential allow for less sessions for the new tattoo.

  • Fading reduces the risk of show through from the old tattoo with a new tattoo.


sara mccarthy