Adelaide’s Tattoo Removal Experts

There are two main reasons for tattoo removal; a change of mind or circumstance and poor quality outcomes. Removing a tattoo however, does not come without risk. With years of research and training, NO INK have launched with the safest and most effective tattoo removal options available across the globe. NO INK also aim to offer affordable solutions for price sensitive clients without compromising on technology. Why should be stuck with a tattoo they don’t like if it’s costing you your happiness. Speak to us today to see how we can get you started on an affordable tattoo removal journey.

Pricing for Small tattoo v’s a Large Tattoos

Whilst we do our best to give you set pricing above, our tattoo prices are calculated on the initial time set aside for our technician plus the estimated number of laser pulses emitted for the given size tattoo. If your tattoo is small and dense it may require more shoots than a larger tattoo that is minimalistic therefore we are always happy to negotiate on price. Unlike other tattoo removal practices, NO INK will always give you an upfront honest for your entire treatment plan. If you have multiple large or complex tattoos to remove, we have an Annual Unlimited Plan that is offered nowhere else in Adelaide, choosing this option can save you thousands cost making it far more affordable than individual sessions.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal is our specialty

NO INK are experts in removing all cosmetic tattoos ranging from lips contour, eyeliner, and the most common EYEBROWS! No job is too small, with a vast majority of our work intended at correcting shape and colour migration. With a full understanding of the cosmetic tattoo process and the differences in pigmentation, NO INK are better armed to remove it. Our starting prices for small cosmetic corrections are the most affordable we’ve seen in Adelaide. If you find better prices for the same service we will beat it by 10%. To book a consultation or to enquire about our services you can call our Adelaide practice on 0400 973 973.